Sunday, August 9

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Up for discussion: WNEP-TV'S "Gerbil Racing". Discuss amongst yourselves and report back.


Our first comment (below) came complete with pictures of Bobby Gunther Walsh and J. Kristopher.
Heck ... Dialing for Dollars was even before my time!

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Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh, Gerbil Racing. Bobby Gunther Walsh and J. Kristopher. For those who forgot, that's what WNEP used to broadcast in the afternoon dayparts before it added newscast-after-newscast.

It kind of makes one wish for the good old days --- especially Tom Clark, who has hd his dinnnertime and prep timereducte to about a hour and a half, if even that.

No small manmmal or rodent was harmed in the production of this comment.