Monday, May 21

So You Wanna be a News Director?

Then I have a tip for you.

When you visit your prospective new employer, as part of your "due diligence" ask to be left alone in the News Director's office. Shut the door. Close the blinds. When you're sure no one can see, turn over the desk chair and look for a label on the bottom of the seat.

If you find one that says, "In Emergency Seat Back May be Used as Flotation Device," govern yourself accordingly.

The last survey I remember seeing said the average ND's tenure remains under 2 1/2 years. That means for everyone like WISH's Lee Giles who served 30+ years at one station, there's someone else who's out after 30+ weeks!

Seriously: the times I've gotten into trouble have all been when I didn't know what I was getting or my new boss didn't know what he (or she) was getting. Be careful!

A good friend once said that being a news director is like being a pro basketball coach. The day you're hired, you're also fired--we just haven't worked out the timetable.