Thursday, March 6

What's Next for Molly?

What’s next for Fox News Channel (and WBRE-TV alumna) Molly Henneberg? I caught her live Tuesday night at Huckabee headquarters (Henneberg on Huckabee?) breaking the news (if only by seconds) that the candidate was about to take the podium to not only concede defeat in the day’s primaries but also to drop out of the race.

I don’t watch much Fox News Channel, but I take it she’s been on the trail with the Republican candidate. But there ain’t no Mike Huckabee to follow around no more! What’s next for Molly? Probably something big. She’s been front-and-center for Fox on several major stories. She was the first national reporter on the scene at the Virginia Tech student massacre just last April. A tragic story, but Molly did solid work.

I can’t say I know her well. Our time together at WBRE (our “overlap”) was short. She was the medical reporter, so I didn’t see her break any big stories, chase down any big leads. She seemed competent enough and smart enough; but not exactly a hard-charger. She was good enough that her scripts pretty much got a rubber stamp from me in my role as EP. I don't think I influenced her career at all. I make none of those "I taught her everything she knows" claims.

She also wasn‘t glamorous. Past tense—wasn’t. Fox News gave her a makeover. As WBRE anchor Andy Mehalshick might say, “Big-Time.”

Fox likes good-looking women.

Mary Katherine Ham, writing at this week, shared this picture of a Fox Business Channel billboard in New York City: “The Future of Business News Has Arrived.”

The tag line? “See What You Are Missing.”

Uh…yeah…hmmmmm…uh-huh…yup…OK…sure…I see. What I’m missing is a bald-headed white guy with horn-rimmed glasses, or a person of color. What I’m missing is anyone without cleavage.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a mysogo—I mean a mysognis—I mean a misojon—I mean a guy who hates women.

I like to oogle—I mean ohgle—I mean look at pretty women as much as the next guy.

It’s just not my #1 determinant as I pick credible sources for news.

And don’t even get me started on “Fair and Balanced!”