Wednesday, February 25

Apropos of Nothing . . .

Back in the early 80s, in my first go-round as news director at WNEP in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, we had a phenomenally successful morning newscast.

Frank Andrews was the anchor/producer, and pretty much in charge; Dorothy Lucey (now with Fox's Good Day L.A.) was the morning field anchor, reporting live from all around the area, teamed with her own photographer/truck operator; Noreen Clark did weather; J. Kristopher handled sports.

I hadn't been on board long when the morning shooter (can't remember his name, darn it!) took a job in Pittsburgh. I hired a replacement. A couple of weeks later I asked Frank how the "new guy" was working out.

"He does good work, when I can get him out of the building. But I can never find him. I'm always on the station intercom: 'Sean, come to the newsroom. Sean, to the newsroom IMMEDIATELY!'"

"Frank, his name is Neal."


True story.