Sunday, January 27

Same Old, Same OLD!

This has nothing to do with TV news. It's just me, amazed to be so damned old!

Went to the pharmacy the other day to pick up some prescriptions. Behind the counter was a little old lady--wrinkled, white-haired, slightly stooped--obviously having trouble figuring out how to run the cash register. I patiently awaited my turn, feeling a little annoyed at her incompetence, but also kind of sorry for an elderly woman obviously in way over her head.

When it was finally my turn she asked my name and birth date. I told her both, and she said, "You and I were both born in the same year!"

Now, I just celebrated a birthday. I'm 61. That means that unless she had her birthday early in January I'm older than she is!

Makes me wonder if on the other side of the counter they're saying, "Here comes that old guy again."

My father just turned 89 (God bless him). I sent him a card, On the front it said, "Inside every old man is a young man."

Opened up it read, "Wondering what the hell happened."

I know the feeling.


Anonymous said...

It hard to believe that Ghoulardi left Cleveland television about 43 years ago. It seems like yesterday that we were watching him blow up card with firecrackers or listening to the radio adventures of "Congo Curt."

I can still hear it now: "Listen to the drums beat out action, listen to the drums beat out adventure, Liaten to this tale of the most beat-up hero ever: Congo-o-o-o-o-o Curt-t-t-t-t!"

We're all getting old....Sigh.

Tying My Shoes said...

A big shout-out for the "Ghoulardi" reference. Hard to believe Ernie's long gone--and his son is an Academy Award-nominated director.

"Turn blue, knif!"