Monday, November 19

Please Mr. Postman

Some years ago two interesting pieces of mail crossed my desk in a one-week period.

It took me awhile to figure out who "Simon Edita" was; but after a little cogitating it dawned on me that the letter-writer must have called the station to find out where to send a news release and was told, "Assignment Editor."

The second was easier to figure out. It was addressed to "Paul Stud." Obviously, word had gotten out.


Anonymous said...

Paul -- postings have been few and far between. There are several of us who enjoy your blog. Please continue to post new thoughts,


A Former Employee (who actually liked you!).

Tying My Shoes... said...

Fibber. It's obvious you and I never worked together. Judging from what’s been written about me on the web, 60% of the people I worked with dislike me—35% hate me—and 15% want me dead. If that doesn’t seem to add up, remember: I always expected 110% from the staff! Nice try, though.


For " Anonymous " former employee"
You are an ARROGANT ASS!
When has it become acceptable to speak to another human being like that? Oh,if it's anonymous, and under the cover of "jest" it's OK!
If you worked for Paul I hope he FIRED you!
Go haunt "" where loser wannabe "journalists" slam each other like 12 year old girls!

Tying My Shoes... said...

Now, children, don'take me go get my belt! Can't we all just get along?

Seriously--I didn't take it SERIOUSLY. I'm just glad that even flying under the radar my blog is getting noticed and read.